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Arkansas Black Mayors Association




The Arkansas Black Mayors Association (ABMA) is a coalition of forward-thinking leaders dedicated to advancing the concerns of black mayors and communities across Arkansas. Our goal is to foster economic growth, revitalize neighborhoods, and engage in political advocacy to improve the well-being of residents in black-majority municipalities.

ABMA was founded in 1972 and is made up of black mayors from towns and cities throughout the state of Arkansas. Our association works to provide a platform for our members to share ideas, collaborate on common issues, and advocate for policies that benefit Arkansas communities. We also serve as a resource for the development of municipal leaders and the growth of black municipalities throughout the state.

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Frank Bateman.png

Frank Bateman

Executive Director

Kevin Hunt Sr.png

Kevin Hunt, Sr.

Program Manager/
Special Projects

Jackie Pruiett.png

Jackie Pruiett

Finance Manager

LeAnna Clark.png

Leanna Clark

Accounts Payable Manager



The Arkansas Black Mayors Association in partnership with NRCS Watershed Flood Prevention Operations Watershed Mitigation project is an environmental improvement effort designed to reduce the negative impacts of natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, landslides, and erosion, in targeted areas throughout Arkansas. A watershed is an area of land where all water flows to a common destination, such as a lake, river, or ocean. Watershed Mitigation projects typically involve a combination of engineering, natural resource management, and community engagement strategies to improve the health and resilience of a watershed.



Planting trees and other vegetation to reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, and increase water retention in the watershed.


Restoring degraded wetlands to improve water quality, reduce flooding, and enhance habitat for wildlife.


Installing stormwater retention ponds, green roofs, and other infrastructure to capture and store excess rainfall, preventing it from causing floods downstream.


Repairing and stabilizing eroding stream banks to reduce sediment and nutrient pollution, and protect infrastructure from damage.



Project Area: Blackfish Bayou Watershed (HUC 0802020315) Tenmile Bayou-Fifteenmile Bayou Watershed (HUC 080202031404) Communities located within the project area: Beck, Belle Meade, Blackfish, Bledsoe, Browns, Bruins, Cicalla, Cottonwood Corner, Council, Crawfordsville, Crittenden, Cunningham Corner, Dixie, Edmondson, Felco, Gassett, Gavin, Gieseck, Gladden, Harvard, Heth, Hicks Station, Horseshoe Lake, Hughes, Jeanette, Jennette, Jonquil, Julius, Kokomo, Lehi, Lucerne, Midway, Mud Lake, New Home, New Shady Grove, Presley Junction, Proctor, Rawlinson, Red Gum Farm, Reese, Seyppel, Shannondale, Shannonville, Shearerville, Shell Lake, Smithdale, Sunset, Tarsus, Whitmore, Winona

Project Area: Haynes Creek Watershed (HUC 080402010407) Salt Creek Watershed (HUC 080402010408) Boggy Creek Watershed (HUC 080402020501) City of El Dorado-Bayou de Loutre Watershed (HUC 080402020502) Dry Creek-Little Cornie Bayou Watershed (HUC 080402060302) Holmes Creek Watershed (HUC 080402010405) Communities located within the project area: Cargile, Dumas City, Foster Hill, Herma, Kenova, Newell, Nick Springs, Norphlet, Nugulf, Quinn, Smith, Smithville, Catesville, Griffin, Lamberton, Parkers Chapel, El Dorado

Project Area: Little Bayou Meto Watershed (HUC 0802040103) Communities located within the project area: Altheimer, Birmac, Cornerstone, Ellison, Elmwood, English, Ferda, Gethsemane, Haywood, Lake Dick, Lake Farm, Langford, Madding, New Gascony, Newtown, Reydell, Richardson, Rob Roy, Sherrill, Swan Lake, Sweden, Wabbaseka

Project Area: Big Creek Watershed (HUC 0802020311) Communities located within the project area: Bardstown, Bassett, Beasley, Birdsong, Black Cat, Booker, Chelford, Deckerville, Denwood, Dimple, Frenchmans Bayou, Gilmore, Golden Lake, Heafer, Joiner, Lambethville, Meneshea, Muir, Norden, Pecan Point, Saint Thomas, Shawnee, Stacy, Turrell, Wardell, Westover, Whitton

Project Area: Overflow Creek Watershed (HUC 0804020508) Camp Bayou Watershed (HUC 080500010702) Communities located within the project area: Wilmot, Post Oak, Thebes, Donbey, Mount Pleasant, Parkdale, and Kimball.

Project Area: Freeo Creek – Ouachita River Watershed (HUC 0804010209) North Bayou – Two Bayou Watershed (HUC 0804020105) Communities located within the project area: Bragg City, Camark, Camden, Cullendale, Eagle Mills, Fairview, Harmony Grove, Herbert, Kent, Lester, Lester Junction, Lunet, Millville, New Hope, Ouachita, Rendezvous, Salem, Shumaker, Spring Hill, Tates Bluff, Vanduzer, Warner

Project Area: Long Lake Bayou – Little Bee Bayou Watershed (HUC 0802030304) Communities located within the project area: Catron, Countiss, Crumrod, Elaine, Ewal, Ferguson, Helena-West Helena, Helena Crossing, Hoop Spur, Knowlton, Lambrook, Lorays, Lundell, Mary Spur, Mellwood, Modoc, Morning Star, Mosby Spur, Oak Forest, Old Town, Pilgrims Rest, Preston Place, Ragan, Ratio, Wabash, Westover

Project Area: Cypress Creek-Headwaters Boeuf River Watershed (HUC 080500010104) Oak Log Bayou-Cypress Bayou Watershed (HUC 080500020102) Canal No. 43 Watershed (HUC 080500020201) Amos Bayou Watershed (HUC 080500010201) Communities located within the project area: Dumas, Pea Ridge, Avery, Mitchellville, Cummins, Omega, Pickens, Reedville

Project Area: L’Anguille River-St. Francis River Watershed (HUC 0802020316) Communities located within the project area: Beck, Brickeys, Burnt Cane, Burnt Cane Crossing, Cody, Crow Creek, Dansby, Ebling, Greer Place, Haleside, Harris, Jeffersonville, Kingsley Crossing, Lakeside, Madison, Meadow Cliff, Newcastle, Park Place, Peters, Phillips Bayou, Raggio, Riverside, Round Pond, Shepperd Crossing, Soudan, Spencer Place, Tongin, Tuni, Tuttleton, Vanness Crossing, Whitehall, Widener

Project Area: Lake Erling-Bodcau Creek Watershed (HUC 1114020502) Communities located within the project area: Apalco, Burton Mill, Canfield, Forest Grove, Lewisville, McKamie, Old Town, Shiloh, Stamps, State Line, Walker Creek

Project Area: Grand Lake-Bayou Macon Watershed (HUC 0805000204) Caney Bayou Watershed (HUC 080500010502) Tiger Bayou Watershed (HUC 080500010701) Paps Slough-Bayou Macon Watershed (HUC 080500020303) Communities located within the project area: Communities located within the project area: Eudora, Chanticleer, Jennie, Chicot, Chicot Junction, Eminence, Lakeport, Hickory Ridge, Gum Corner, Harwood, Ross Van Ness, Hanna, Grand Lake, Wellford, Indian, and Readland.

Project Area: Larkin Creek – L’Anguille River Watershed (HUC 0802020505) Communities located within the project area: Becks, Bonair, Bryanville, Canaan, Elcana, Felton, Forrest City, Four Forks, Gill, Haynes, Heustess, Holub Crossing, Longino, Marianna, Monica, Palestine, Poplar Grove, Redfern, Rosine, Slonikers Mill, Westor, Wrightland

Project Area: Bayou Bartholomew Headwaters Watershed (HUC 080402050101) Caney Creek-Caney Bayou Watershed (HUC 111102070605) Caney Creek-Arkansas River Watershed (HUC 111102070604) Plum Bayou-Arkansas River Watershed (HUC 111102070606) Cousart Bayou Headwaters-Lake Alice Watershed (HUC 080402050201) Imbeau Bayou Watershed (HUC 080402050103) Nevins Creek Watershed (HUC 080402050102) Upper Deep Bayou Watershed (HUC 080402050203) Boggy Bayou-Bayou Bartholomew Watershed (HUC 80402050104) Communities located within the project area: Atkins Lake, Baldwin, Dexter, Donaldsonville, Eastwood, Fairfield, Glenlake, Hardin, Henslee Heights, Hooker, Ladd, Leitner, Oakland Heights, Pine Bluff, Pinebergen, Plain View, Samples, Sorrells, Sulphur Springs, Warbritton, Watson Chapel, West End, White Hall, Whitefield, Wilkins, Yorktown

Project Area: Lick Creek – Big Creek Watershed (HUC 0802030403 Communities located within the project area: Barton, Cypert, Cypress Corner, Edgewood, Gobell, Helena-West Helena, Hicksville, Holiday Hills, Huma, Kingtown, La Grange, Lake Ridge, Lake View, Latour, Lexa, Lexa Junction, Marvell, Midland Heights, North Lexa, Oakwood, Oneida, Pillar, Rondo, Scott Valley, Southland, Trenton, Walnut Corner, Watkins Corner, Wycamp

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